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Everything Must Go image

Everything Must Go

Nancy Browne is having a garage sale. There will be treasure like you can’t imagine. Like you really can’t imagine. Hilarious, ridiculous and very touching, this is a fabulously unique Australian character. Eccentric and reclusive, Nancy has lived in the same house, the same valley all her life, but now the valley is changing — farms are being sold and city people with new ideas are moving in. The wider world has encroached and Nancy has to make sense of it. She also has to move house.

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Pants Down Circus ROCK!

Prepare yourself for a pumping soundtrack, edge of your seat stunts and hilarious comedy. It’s a long way to the top - the big top, and these guys are livin’ on a prayer that no one breaks a leg. It’s going to be nothin’ but a good time! The show was inspired by classic rock music like Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, AC/DC and the showmanship that goes along with concerts of that calibre. This is what a rock band would be like if they were circus performers!

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Gallipoli – A Manual of Trench Warfare

The landings at Gallipoli went on to become one of the most immortal events in Australian history. Gallipoli - A Manual of Trench Warfare takes place in a sandbagged trench in Gallipoli, 1915 and puts a perspective on the Great War’s legend of heroism. The main character is Barry Moon, a country boy battling not only the enemy, but himself and the establishment.

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Damien Leith

The Parting Glass – An Irish Journey

After its roaring success at The Adelaide Cabaret Festival and at previews in Sydney and Melbourne, Damien brings his show to Wangaratta. It's both a play and a musical concert of classic Irish songs set in an Irish pub which sees Damien take on the character roles of both a father and a son who are catching up on lost time over a few drinks. Filled with great conversation and humour, heartfelt emotion and a repertoire of rousing and touching Irish Songs The Parting Glass is a show like no other.


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