MSO Super Symphony

Tuesday 16 October at 10am

For school age children – grades 1-6 & years 7-8

From the beginning of time there has existed a great force in the world: the Power of Music. And the most powerful musical force of all is… the Super Symphony.

But what happens when one of the greatest Super Symphony Orchestras in the world, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra falls into careless hands, is taken for a wild joy ride, and explodes all over the concert hall into fifty tiny pieces?!

Join Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s Assistant Conductor, Tianyi Lu and the extraordinary musicians of Melbourne Symphony Orchestra for the ride of a lifetime in which you, our fearless audience, will need to help our presenter and Tianyi work out just how a Super Symphony works. Together, we’ll put it all back together and unleash the exhilarating power of… the Super Symphony!

  • Mozart, Symphony No. 40
  • Gluck, Dance of the Furies
  • Britten, Simple Symphony: Playful Pizzicato
  • Mozart, Serenade for Winds No. 12 K. 388, II. Andante, IV. Allegro Bars 1-34
  • Mozart Quintet No. 2 K. 406, II. Andante

DURATION 50mins (no interval)


SCHOOL TICKETS $10 1 free ticket is available with each 10 student tickets purchased
BOOKINGS please call 03 5722 8107 or email