Snapping Crocs & Toilet Blocks

Friday 15 March 8pm

Eunice and her husband Wal towed their camper trailer up to the Kimberley for ten weeks and Eunice has a lot to talk about. ‘Snapping Crocs and Toilet Blocks’ will appeal to anyone who has ever been camping, who has ever wanted to camp or in fact anyone who would never wish to camp in their wildest dreams. Eunice will engage her audience as she details the challenges of outback survival and imparts her wisdom, unpacking every situation with her unique and no frills perspective. Eunice describes this experience as cathartic for herself and educational for her audience.

Judi Walker is a Registered Nurse from Wangaratta who stepped into ‘stand up’ in 2017 and has taken her debut show ‘Giddy Up Nursee!!’ throughout regional Victoria. Audiences have delighted in her warts and all tales relating to all things ‘nursee’. Now Judi, aka Eunice, brings us more hilarious insights into her world but this time outback Australia provides the backdrop.

DURATION 1.5hrs (no interval)