Extreme Weight Loss Seminar

Sat 15 & Sun 16 February 9am-5.30pm

The 2 day Shrink Extreme weight-loss seminar is coming back to Wangaratta.

A very unique and multi-faceted approach to permanent, rapid weight-loss. The first day is entirely devoted to the role your mind has in making you gain weight and also preventing you from losing weight. The other aspects of the program are addressed on the second day.

The seminar is very logical, visual, informative, engaging and entertaining. The concepts are presented in visual story form in order to help you understand and retain the message. Most people are surprised by how quickly the weekend goes, the amount of information shared and how enjoyable and logical they found it to be.

No other weight-loss solution actively addresses the role of your mind in causing the weight problem in the first instance, nor teaches you effective resolution techniques. Herein lies the difference between this and every other approach to weight-loss available anywhere in the world today.

Women can expect to lose around 10 kilos or more each month and the men can look forward to losing around 15 kilos per month. Click here to see the amazing results others have achieved by attending this seminar!

TICKETS $769 (for both days / including lunch)
CLICK HERE to book your place

(9am – 5.30pm both Saturday & Sunday)