Hell’s Canyon

Thursday 23 April 11am

“Sometimes there are things you can’t forget about, even when you try.  They show up in your head outta nowhere. Walking home, or in line at the canteen, or when we were making out before. I don’t know what’s so wrong about remembering.”

In the middle of the Australian outback, a teenage road trip goes wrong. Developed by Playwriting Australia, this multi award winning play is touring after sold-out seasons in Sydney and Melbourne. Hell’s Canyon is a coming of age story of friendship and magical rebellion. Caitlin and Oscar used to be mates, but not anymore. These days Caitlin texts boys to meet her at the park while Oscar eats his lunch in the teacher’s staffroom. Today is different though. The unlikely pair share a haunting memory, so they make a pact to run. To completely disappear. Go ‘full on missing’.

Written by award winning playwright Emily Sheehan, Hell’s Canyon is a wild ride for anyone who’s wanted to escape the impending doom of adulthood.

“It’s rare to see a play that is so economically astute, so lyrical, so authentic and so magical as Hell’s Canyon” – Joanna Murray Smith, Daily Review

TICKETS $22 (or groups 4+ $17ea)
DURATION 65mins (no interval)


WARNING contains sexual references, occasional course language and sensitive themes such as death, grief & suicide

FOR SCHOOL BOOKING contact Allison Gillick by phone 03 5722 8107 or email a.gillick@wangaratta.vic.gov.au
(School curriculum links – Drama Unit 3, Theatre Studies Unit 3 and Unit 4 and included on 2020 VCAA Playlist)