Melbourne Chamber Orchestra Quartet – From My Life

Saturday 19 October 3pm

VENUE – St Pauls Anglican Church, Snow Road, Milawa

As the maxim says, those who know the rules are best placed to break them. Haydn, having co-authored the rule book for string quartets and the Classical style, throws convention aside in his daring G minor quartet. Rhythmic jokes, harmonic twists of the knife, and razorsharp wit come together to give us Haydn at his best.

In 1876, afflicted by deafness, the Czech composer Bedřich Smetana wrote one of the most ambitious string quartets of the Romantic period, From My Life. A deeply personal statement, the quartet is imbued with the biographical vignettes of the title, from lively dances to heartfelt yearnings of mature love and tragedy.

With Czech passion at the fore and virtuosic use of all the members of the quartet, this is a wonderful musical experience for new listeners and connoisseurs alike.

(MCO advises parental judgment when bringing children under 10 years of age)

DURATION 2 hrs (incl. 20 mins interval)